Customers' reviews

Over the last 10 years I had many customers from all over the world and especially from Europe.

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Here are some of my reviews.

Matthew Alan House

Travel date: July 5th 2018

Zayar was absolutely fantastic! Very caring, thoughtful, and professional as a tour guide and driver. His English is perfect as is the cleanliness of his private car. I will recommend him to all of my friends and family interested in visiting the beautiful country of Myanmar!


Travel Date: December 30th 2017

Me and my parents just returned from our 2 nights 3 days trip in Myanmar and we enjoyed our holiday very much because of Zayar. Prior to our trip, we had a very smooth communication with Zayar being very responsive to emails and whatsapp messages. We initially
wanted to combine Bago and golden rock tour in one day from Myanmar (because we saw that's what some tour operators offer), but we are so glad that we didn't. Bago itself has so much things to offer, and if we were to combine it with golden rock, we would
have spent most of our time on the road. We are very thankful for Zayar's insights and recommendations for our trip. During our trip, I mentioned to Zayar that we love to see colonial/ baroque style buildings and that we are Christians. Zayar took a note of
that and suggested us to make a stop at the biggest Christian Church in yangon: St. Mary's church cathedral. We could have ended our trip earlier that day because we didn't even know places like St Mary's cathedral exists in the city, but zayar really went
above and beyond to make sure we had a wonderful time in yangon & maximize our time well. My family had engaged tour guide & driver in many other countries such as Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia - and Zayar is really the best tour guide & driver we have
ever engaged. Thank you so much Zayar for taking such a good care of me and my family. We enjoyed our trip very much and hope to engage your service again on our next visit to Myanmar :)

Barbara & David

Travel Date: February 2018

We had a great 10-days trip with Zayar through Myanmar in Feb 2018. Although we had a very heavy agenda, he planed the trip so well that we had enough time to enjoy this wonderful country.
He by the way is a very good and attentive driver, which made us feel save even on challenging roads. Since we spend a lot of time in the car, we had a sufficient amount of breaks, usually at very interesting places with great views.
We were impressed by his knowledge, and we also learned a lot during our exciting conversations. Zayar became a friend during our trip and we hope to see him and Myanmar one day again.

Thanks for everything!

Benji Leong

Travel date: June 16th 2018

We had a fantastic 8 days trip to Myanmar recently on June 16th to 23rd 2018. There were 5 of us , me and wife and 3 others friends.
Zayar is our driver guide for the tour. Zayar is absolutely a fantastic guide , very courteous, professional, helpful and very knowledgeable about almost everything of his country.
He walk us through the history of Myanmar especially in ancient city of Bagan. Zayar drove us from Yangon to lnle lake and to Bagan then back to Yangon , a journey of more than 2000 km. Along the way we visited many interesting places like Pindaya caves and majestic Popa Hill. We also had the opportunity to experience the beautiful countryside.
Inlet lake is a wonderful experience with its large hydroponic farms and various indigenous cottage industry such as cheroot making , silverware and lotus weaving using age old technology.
Zayar also took us for the authentic Myanmar food delicacies.
Bagan is a fairy land with 3000 plus Stupa or Jedi spouting out from nowhere since 11th to 13th century. From above the scenery is stupendous.
We would highly recommend Zayar as your guide when you make a trip there. I shall return for therent is still much to explore.
Thank you. , Zayar.

Pornchai Sillapakijkoson

Travel Date: End of July 2017

End of July 2017 Our group of 6 pax included 2 seniority travel for 4 days from Thailand to visit Yangon, Bago and Golden Rock by taking service tour of Zayar with suitable car Toyota Alphard .
Prior the trip I had very good suggestion and trip well preparation effectively from Zayar via email and Line application as most worry about our 2 seniority than Zayar offered preparation to stop at clean restroom along the way for every 1 hour!!!
Zayar personally is polite and professional to serve and flexible as traveler need only when we have no idea at all and ask for his choice like restaurant than he will propose good one. If you visit Bago please ask Zayar for good Thai/Chinese restaurant even
all of us are Thai also love the Thai food taste there also meal price is very reasonable.
This trip all member in group are highly satisfying with Zayar service. A good experience of our group as on the way back from Golden rock to Bago than our women saw fruit seller on side road and really like to taste. Zayar stop for us one store and communicated
so we got Durian/Pomelo for whole group to try with lot of fun.
BTW this is my 3rd time already that use Zayar service 1st time back in 2010 I went with 2 friends at that time my friend arranged trip and we got good service from Zayar. My 2nd time in 2012 with my wife and other couple friend also got nice service.
Thanks much Zayar for very nice hospitality and I would expect next trip to visit Bagan with you sometime.
ever engaged. Thank you so much Zayar for taking such a good care of me and my family. We enjoyed our trip very much and hope to engage your service again on our next visit to Myanmar :)

Sylvia Schaber

Travel Date: August 2017

We just returned from a wonderful trip in Myanmar, I was travelling with my mother (67 years) and my sister.
We found Zayar's contact on Tripadvisor and we didn't regret it one minute to have chosen to travel with Zayar.
Zayar is a very lovely Person, official tour guide, speaks very good english and has a great car with an AC in which (also because of the defensive driving manner of Zayar) you can really feel comfortable. The great advantage is that Zayar is the tour guide
and the driver in one person, so that of course for the costs it is a difference compared to most other guides you would find. Zayar was very helpful when planning the trip in advance, was very flexible on the trip itself and most important was impressing
us every minute with all the nodledge about his Country. Whatever you would ask Zayar he knows some backround information (and we asked a lot..;)
We only went on a 2-day trip with Zayar starting from Yangon visiting Bago and the Golden Rock, the Price for this trip was 180 Dollar.
We really were profiting from these two days with Zayar for all the following days in Myanmar because he gave us so much Information which helped us to understand the Country more.
All the best to you Zayar and thank you again for that great trip!